X-Wind and Flood

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Excess Wind Coverage

HO3 - X Wind
Occupancy Primary or Secondary
A - Dwelling
Up to $1,000,000 TIV (Coverage A-D)
B - Other Structures
Limit set at 10% of Coverage A
C - Contents
Limit set at 50% of Coverage A
D - Loss of Use
Limit set at 10% of Coverage A
E - Personal Liability
Standard Limit $300,000; $500,000 and $1,000,000 available
F - Medical Payments
Standard Limit $5,000; $10,000 available
Ordinance or Law
25% of Coverage A
Optional Coverges
Personal Property Replacement Cost, Loss Assessment, Permitted Incidental Occupancies, Personal Injury Coverage, Water Back Up and Sump Overflow, Off Premises Theft Buyback, Animal Liability Buyback
- $1,000 Standard if Coverage A under $500,000. $2,500 and higher deductibles available if Coverage A over $500,000.
- Sinkhole deductibles - % applies by county
General Guidelines
Must be masonry or frame construction
Homes with ISO Protection class of 1-8 are acceptable
All properties will be subject to inspection
Risk is subject to surcharges based on losses
Updates to plumbing, heating and wiring must have been done in the last 25 years
Unfenced Pool
Assault and Battery
$25,000 Water Damage
Attractive Nuisance Parental Supervision
Gun Liability Limited to $300,000
  • Aggressive breeds of dogs: Pit Bull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Rotweillers, Staffordshire Terriers, German Shepherds, Chows, Bull Mastiffs, Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Wolf-Dog Hybrids, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Aikita, Rhodesian Ridgebacks; or any animal with prior biting history and any cross referenced of the mentioned breeds.

  • Any exotic pets, including but not limited to: Lion, tiger or alligator.

Excess Flood Coverage

Excess Flood Insurance Program
Premium and Fees
*All policies are subject to a minimum earned premium which is the greater of:
- $500 Residential Property
- $1,000 Commercial Property
- Or 25% of gross written premium
- All new policies must be subject to $150 policy fee (In Florida)?
- All premiums are subject to state surplus lines taxes and any applicable stamping fees in addition to the premium
Eligible Properties
- 1-4 family
- Other residential (i.e. apartments)
- Commercial properties
- Condominiums
Limits and Values
- $10,000 aggregate per property
- Over interests for building
- Contents and loss of income
- Higher limits available upon request
Coverge Restrictions
The insured must carry the maximum underlying NFIP limits and/or deductible. All policies issued respond in excess of the following amounts:
Building: Residential $250,000 Commercial $500,000
Contents: Residential $100,000 Commercial $500,000
Loss of Income (net business income and rental values) $100,000 or 30 days, whichever is greater
Contents and Loss of Income can be bound only in conjunction with Building Coverage
Properties located in the Florida Keys
Properties built on stilts over water
Properties located in communicates designated as undeveloped Coastal Barrier
Properties located in V Zones that are Pre-FIRM construction or less than +2 Elevation
Properties with Negative Elevations
Medical Equipment
Food Stuffs and/or perishable goods of any kind
Manufactured Homes
Any Marketing Material or outline provided by National Personal Lines Bass Underwriters, Inc. is not intended to replace, amend , does not change and non-binding any carrier's underwriting, claims, procedural guidelines and terms, conditions or coverage of any insurance policy issued. It is the agent/broker's responsibility to read and verify the carrier's guidelines, terms, conditions and policy prior to quoting and binding any risk.