High Value Home

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Occupancy Owner Only
(Owner/Tenant Occupied Seasonal/Secondary Usage OK - See Specific Guidelines)
A - Dwelling
- Minimum: $1 million
- Maximum: $5 million Total Insured Value (Limit from combined Coverage A, B, C & D)
B - Other Structures
- Standard limit: 10% of Coverage A
- Minimum: None
- Maximum: 50% of Coverage A
C - Contents
- Standard Limit: 50% of Coverage A
- Minimum: 5% of Coverage A
- Maximum: 70% of Coverage A
D - Loss of Use
- Standard Limit: 20% of Coverage A
- Minimum: None
- Maximum: 40% of Coverage A
E - Personal Liability
- Standard Limit: $300,000
- Minimum: None
- Maximum: $1 million
F - Medical Payments
Standard limit: $5000 with higher options based on state program
Coverage up to $10,000 with an option to buy up to $25,000
Ordinance or Law
Coverage up to 25%
- All Other Peril Deductible: $2500 Standard with options $5000, $10000, $25000, and $50,000
- Hurricane, Wind/Hail or Named Storm Deductible ranges from 2% to 25%
- Risks within 1,000 feet of coast require a minimum 5% deductible
Dwellings are to be insured to 100% of calculated replacement cost for primary building (coverage A) and other structures (coverage B) used for purposes of housing or servicing the residence (guest house, pool house, detached garage)
We require 100 % ITV as determined by inspection. Variances greater than 10%, or if there is a problem with setting the value to 100% at inception, should be reviewed by Company
All issued policies require an interior/exterior property inspection that is within 12 months of effective date from a certified/licensed appraiser
Homes with an ISO Protection Class of 1-8 are acceptable. Protection 9-10 may be approved with additional questionnaire completed and company approval
Homes over 50 years old require company approval unless renovations to all systems (roof, electrical, plumbing, heating) are less than 25 years old
Aluminum or Knob & Tube wiring are unacceptable
A flat roof that is FBC compliant and has secondary water resistance barrier is acceptable. All other homes with flat roof are unacceptable
Unacceptable if roof is over 25 years old
Central heating is required
Any single large loss in excess of $50,000 requires Company approval
A risk with two or more losses within the last 3 years (excluding acts of God) requires Company Approval prior to binding
Unoccupied or vacant properties require Company approval. Consideration will be given to risks with adequate security and regular property management
Properties with more than 2 mortgages are NOT allowed
A central station fire and burglar alarm is required for homes with Coverage A of $2 million or greater
For scheduled property: Coverage is provided for Blanket schedules at $25,000 or $50,000 limits. The policy has a per item limit of $10,000.
Any Marketing Material or outline provided by National Personal Lines Bass Underwriters, Inc. is not intended to replace, amend , does not change and non-binding any carrier's underwriting, claims, procedural guidelines and terms, conditions or coverage of any insurance policy issued. It is the agent/broker's responsibility to read and verify the carrier's guidelines, terms, conditions and policy prior to quoting and binding any risk.