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Primary and Target Umbrella
  Primary Umbrella Target Umbrella
$1-$10 Million $1-$10 Million
Underlying Requirements
- CPL: $300K CSL
- Auto: $250/$500/$100
- Rentals: $300 CSL
- Watercraft: $300K CSL (higher limits may be required for
larger watercrafts)
- CPL $300 CSL
- Auto: $250/$500/$100
- Risks with 100% surcharge will require $500/$500/$100
Additional Guidelines
- Will accept youthful drivers with 250/500/100 limits
- Accept DUI’s, alcohol related violations
- Over 70 years – no medical required
- Named insured can be individual, trust, estate, LLC
- Underwriting carrier rating must be B+ or better
- Will accept ATV’s, Motorcycles, Mopeds
- Snowmobiles (same underlying limits as auto)
- Program for high profile individuals (actors, sports
personalities, musicians, etc.)
- Personal injury is not automatically included, but maybe
bought back with company approval
- Must submit to company for quote and approval
Excess Umbrella
Coverage Limits
- $1, $300K, $500, and $10 Million
- Medical payments: $1,000 included, $2,000 for $10, $5,000 for $20
- $250 per occurrence deductible
Underlying Requirements
- Excess over another carrier’s umbrella
- Following form of underlying umbrella
Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)
- $100K - $1 Million CSL available
- Will accept risks with aggressive dogs (converge will be excluded)
- Dog bite history (animal will be excluded)
- Rental units/course of construction (need certificate of insurance from contractor)/vacant land
- Name insured: Individual, Trust, Estate, LLC
- Excess Comprehensive Personal Liability
Coverage Limits
- $100K, $300, $500 and $1 Million
Underlying Requirements
- Excess over another carrier’s primary CPL
- Carrier must be B+ V or better
- Same guidelines as CPL
- Farmers Personal Liability
Coverage Limits
- $100, $300, $500 and $1 Million
- Small farms in: Individuals names, estate, trust, LLC
- Additional insured’s may be added for the designated premises only
- Ineligible farms: tobacco, horses raised or used for facing, freezing or dehydrating, supply commodities for manufacturing
or processing by insured
- $250 property damage liability deductible
- $25,000 chemical drift limitation
Any Marketing Material or outline provided by National Personal Lines Bass Underwriters, Inc. is not intended to replace, amend , does not change and non-binding any carrier's underwriting, claims, procedural guidelines and terms, conditions or coverage of any insurance policy issued. It is the agent/broker's responsibility to read and verify the carrier's guidelines, terms, conditions and policy prior to quoting and binding any risk.